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Wave Meditation
EZS Program
What is Wave meditation ?

Wave meditation is the core of the EZS program .

It is a method that will take you to the silent spaces between your thoughts………the Zero State .

You may ask what the benefit is of keeping the mind free of thoughts?

To keep the mind free of thought really does not mean your mind is empty. It means your mind is FULL of silence .

In this field of silence you are in touch with the source of all fulfillment and happiness

Meditation is like looking into a lake to see the bottom. As long as there are waves, the bottom will not be visible. Once the waves subside, the bottom of the lake comes into view in its true form.

How it works

You are about to practice a method consisting of three steps which takes you to the field of silence…… the Zero State.

1. Bringing the scattered mind to a focussed state using visual and audio aids.

2. Moving away from the visual aid and focussing on the audio aid (chant).

3. Moving away from the audio and experiencing the silent space between it (zero state).

Eventually, it will take you to an Extended Zero State.

  • Concentrate on the moving ball and the mantra.
  • Close your eyes and concentrate on the mantra.
  • Finally move away from the image and the sound.

Once you are familiar with the technique, you may be able to practice the method by mental visualization.

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