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Preparing for ease
Preparing for EZS


Ideal surroundings and time.

  • It is preferable to have your computer in a quiet place. If not, use a headphone.
  • Choose a time when you will not be disturbed. 
  • Dim lighting is preferable.


  • Six am in the morning is the ideal time.
  • Otherwise, two hours before or after a meal is suitable too.
  • You should not be too physically tired, like after  aerobic exercises.



Sitting posture and handy items

  • The perfect posture is when the spine

is absolutely erect and the body forms

a triangle with a wide base. This is called

the LOTUS POSE in Yoga.

However, the lotus pose is neither easy to get into nor comfortable for a beginner. Hence, we recommend a simple sitting posture.

 The simple sitting posture

  • Use a straight-back chair.
  • Since you are going to use a computer, we recommend, the posture given below.


Important !

  • The spine should be "arrow straight"
  • Pull your shoulders back slightly.
  • Cross you feet on the floor at the ankles.
  • Keep your palms facing upwards across your lap, right palm facing upwards above the left.

Ear plugs are useful due to following.

  • Shuts out noises from the outside.
  • Your verbal mantra chants gets amplified within your head.
  • You can use cotton-wool instead.



This program is conceived to help you understand, appreciate and have an experience of the great tradition of Yoga and meditation of ancient India…..in the comfort of your home or office.

The program is completely secular, the mantra used is the sound that has now been proven by medical science to have tremendous effect on the individual.

The material in this site can give you insights into the philosophy behind the traditions of Yoga.

Each time you start the program, have no particular expectations. For example, don’t start it with the objective of overcoming your headache, or your anger, or your frustration. Keep your mind open.

There is no third party involved in this. The only GURU is within you.

Have belief in your inner potential. Listen to the audio with good concentration. Remember, you are doing this for yourself.

Make it happen.

All the best.


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