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What is EZS Program?
Getting Started with EZS



Direct Experience

Once we have understood about the spirituality within us, what remains is to experience it personally.This is called self-realisation.

It is not simple. Most scriptures, religious discourses, discussions and centres of worship aim at helping the faithful  to gain this direct experience.

The Himalayan seers were very clear when they proclaimed that all rituals and  intellectual interpretations end where self-realisation begins.


Licking the lime.

No matter how articulately one tries to explain it, it is not possible to describe to another person what a lime tastes like.

The taste of lime can be experienced only by directly licking it.

So it is with self-realisation ; one has to leave behind books, dogmas, rituals and set out to directly experience the true self.


Basic concept of EZS program

EZS stands for " Extended Zero State".

What is the "Extended zero state" ?

As we have already seen in this site, the mind plays a dominant role in deciding our physical, emotional and spiritual development. The mind is like a large screen where thoughts are projected like a cinema.

Self-realisation can be experienced when the thoughts playing on the screen of our mind are penetrated and we begin experiencing the silence behind it.

In this silent space exists our true self which is boundless in awareness and happiness.

The science of Yoga and meditation, utilises the power within each one of us to go behind the clutter created by our mind and experience the power of silence behind all thought.

This gives us the power to master our mind and tap it's power through "controlled conscious silence".We call this controlled silence the Extended Zero State(EZS).


States of mind.

It is generally understood that the mind has three states.

  • The waking state - when the mind is active.
  • The sleeping-dreaming state - when the mind is partially active.
  • The deep sleep state- when the mind is inactive.

The seers have described a fourth state called "TURIYA". This state is a combination of the waking and  deep sleep states.

This state combines the Consciousness of the waking state AND the silence of the sleeping state.

While this seems to be self-contradictory, the seers developed methods to train others on how to take the mind to this fine and subtle state. A state, in which we are awake and aware, while experiencing the deep silence at the source of all thought.

In this state we are directly in touch with our enormous inner potential. A state when we dispossess everything and yet be in possession of immense power and happiness.

This is a transaction-less state, where there is no good or bad, ugly or beautiful, kind or cruel, but only an experience of nothingness and fullness, completeness and joy.


Aim of the EZS program.

The EZS program is your daily on-line guide to calm your mind, bringing it into focus.

The program is based on well proven yogic concepts.

The program will give you mental energy and a positive perspective to face life with conviction and courage.
You will learn to carry your positive state of mind through your working day which will enable you to perform even better.

You will experience better health and a positive attitude.

The concise, comprehensive and unique style of presentation will help you understand the concepts and apply it to your life.


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