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Continuous Consciousness
EZS Program
Continuous consciousness


We have briefly seen what the Extended Zero State is, and how to achieve it through the EZS program. We acquire the power to master our mind and tap it's power through "controlled conscious silence".

"Continuous Consciousness" is being able to practice the EZS program, anywhere using mental visualisation...... without the computer or the props.

How to Practice EZS anywhere :

Choose a quiet place and sit erect
Do the breathing exercises given in the Prana control section.

Do the conscious relaxation exercise mentally.

Close your eyes.

Gently tell your mind "calm down ", "Stop chattering".

Rest your tongue on the base of the mouth. (this is to prevent sub-vocalizing your thoughts)

Let your body completely relax.

'See' your mind as a blank screen in front of you with thoughts appearing from the left and passing to the right.

Do nothing with the thoughts. Do not participate, do not get carried away. In case you stray with the thoughts, erase them with a mantra chant (as in the wave meditation session).

Feel the silence in your mind. Become oblivious of your physical presence.
Do it for at least 5 minutes each time, but do not go beyond 15 minutes.

Carrying the Zero State every day.

After every session, while still in your sitting posture, open your eyes. Look at whatever is in front of you. Don't think about it, don't let your mind talk about it.

Before you move away from a session

Now close your eyes again. Move your mind away from your body. Look at yourself with the "eyes of the mind", observe you sitting on a chair……. your body, clothes, mood….. Realize that you are not the body, the mind or the intellect. You are what is behind all this…. Your true self, the preceptor, the seer, the infinite entity.

Before you get up from the seated position rub your hands vigorously, apply it on your face, feel the relaxed energy.

Get up slowly, feel relaxed.


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