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Conscious Relaxation
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Conscious relaxation

States of the Mind

While sleeping, we experience snatches of deep sleep inter-spaced with dreams---- Due to this distraction, normal sleep is not a complete form of relaxation.

Our mind passes through three states .....

  • The waking state - when the mind is active.
  • The sleeping-dreaming state - when the mind is partially active
  • The deep sleep state - when the mind is inactive.

The seers also described a fourth state known as "TURIYA". This is a state in which the mind is taken to the deep sleep state whilst being fully awake. It is also known as 'Samadhi' . We call this the 'Zero State'.

Conscious Relaxation

While awake, our minds are constantly following our senses. As long as physical distractions occupy our minds, it is not possible to achieve the Zero State.

To move towards the Zero State, the mind must be turned inwards from the outside world by practicing Conscious relaxation techniques, which prepare one for meditation.

Conscious relaxation frees our minds from the distractions of the outside world - including our body tensions - and prepares us to move to subtler levels of consciousness.


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